Team spirit with anti-stress function

€ 4.50

Artikelnummer: A579-60939
The team spirit series, featuring the typical office characters ""caffeine junkie"", "" problem solver"", ""creative"", ""joker"", ""organizer"", ""daredevil"" and ""team spirit"", combines the added value of the anti-stress products and the display cleaners in one likeable promotional product. The approx. 8cm big, detailed plush characters are real anti-stress heroes. They can be crumpled, pressed and squeezed in stressful situations without losing their good mood. Due to the material characteristics, they immediately return to their original shape. In addition, they have a high-quality microfibre underside, through which smooth surfaces can easily be cleaned. The combination of these features creates a long-lasting promotional product that can be used several times a day and transports the advertising message perfectly. White MiniFeet®

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